It’s all a zero-sum game

December 15 2015

The arrogant claims of giving a clean government seem to be vanishing into thin air. The recent matter is from Haryana, where the BJP is the ruling party and where a comparatively-clean and honest Manohar Lal is at the chief minister’s post. This is about 45 lakh tonnes of rice that was supposed to be sent to Jharkhand government, for which the rate for buying paddy from Haryana farmers was set at Rs 1,250 per quintal. But the middlemen came up with their tricks here, too. The poor farmers barely got Rs 1,200 per quintal; they were told the paddy they had got had too much moisture in it. Sources say the rate set with Jharkhand government is Rs 2,000 per quintal. But before the harvest could reach the state, the middlemen set about working on it, and sources say the traders got it at Rs 3,000 per quintal. All that the BJP-led Jharkhand state could do was gawk at all this, and the government’s working style also became known to all.

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