Is the opposition ready to make Rahul the ‘bridegroom’?

July 11 2023

On this 23rd June in Patna, when the new scene of opposition unit was put forward, knowingly or unknowingly Rahul Gandhi ‘looted’ the united opposition’s ‘appeal’. In the clan of 15 opposition parties, out of 13 parties, only Rahul was received by CM Nitish along with his team of ministers at Patna airport. Nitish wanted to ‘receive Rahul and take him directly from the airport to his CM residence, where the meeting of the opposition unit was called.’ As he reached the ashram, where a huge crowd of Congressmen had gathered, referring to the country’s first President Rajendra Prasad, Rahul shouted that ‘Bihar is in the DNA of the Congress.’ When he was passing through the South Indian states, he was welcomed by a huge crowd of people from Bihar, working in these southern states. The most important thing is that the Bihar Congress did not publicize Rahul’s arrival enough that Rahul came to the Sadakat Ashram and greeted the Congress workers. Despite this, Congressmen thronged to Rahul’s meeting. In this important meeting of the opposition parties, Lalu Yadav reached Nitish’s house half an hour before the meeting time and this has put an end to the speculations that nothing is going well between RJD and JDU in the state. Mamata Banerjee reached Lalu’s house first, which was enough to tell the importance of this leader of Bihar. In a way, Lalu became a ‘centre-stage’ of the whole meeting. He appeared hesitantly in white kurta-pajama and he also made a loud noise that he is ‘absolutely fit.’ Moreover, Lalu’s ‘wedding jibe’ at Rahul has also stamped the fact that in 2024, Rahul will be the ‘bridegroom’ of the united opposition i.e. he will be the face of the opposition. As this column was the first to expose the secret that the Congress wants the ‘next meeting of the opposition unit to be held in a Congress-ruled state’ ‘, Congress had also suggested two options on its behalf, Shimla or Jaipur, and finally this meeting was approved in the name of Shimla.

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