INLD grooves to Honey Singh’s yo-yo tune

October 05 2014

Choudhury Devi Lal’s fourth generation is ready to make a foray into politics and with changing times, this political family has also changed its thinking as well. To attract young voters to INLD, Dushyant Chautala has got Honey Singh to sing rap songs for the party. Karan Chautala, the son of Abhay Chautala has taken the responsibility to make the campaigning this modern. The fourth generation of the Chautala family believes that only Yo-Yo Honey Singh can put across Choudhury Devi Lal’s philosophy to the youth. The party also claims that these songs will soon become popular with the youth and also make waves on social networking sites. But one should not forget that two images are recurring in Honey Singh’s songs – alcohol and women. What does the Chautala family have to say to that?

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