Indira, the Dictator for Ranjita

November 28 2017

The Congress celebrated the hundredth birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with great fanfare throughout the country. In a similar, the Bihar Congress too put into action its celebration at the Krishna Memorial of Patna, but on November 22 instead of November 19 to which very few Congressmen turned up. Furious at the low strength of the program, Bihar Congress in-charge K L Sharma fast-paced his speech and immediately left the premise. After his exit, Congress MP Ranjita Ranjan took over the mic, and then the celebration witnessed an unexpected turn of event. In flow of speech, the MP called Indira Gandhi a ‘dictator’ and that was not the end of it. She added that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has similar characteristics, i.e. he too is a dictator. The words of Ranjita created a hullabaloo in the Memorial Hall. The fuss was to the extent that when Akhilesh Singh (who was once a close aide of Lalu and became a Minister at Centre with his blessings but later joined Congress) stood up to speak, the loud noise muted him. He then pleaded the gathering to quiet, saying, “I have memorized my speech and the commotion will make me forget it.” Such was the ‘exceptional’ tribute to Indira Gandhi by Bihar Congress.

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