‘Ik Bangla bane nyara’

July 26 2020

Sheila Kaul’s bungalow in Lucknow is being renovated for Priyanka Gandhi ever since she received official notice to vacate her Delhi’s Lodhi road government bungalow. However, Sheela Kaul’s daughter Deepa is not confirming that Priyanka is going to stay at her mother’s bungalow. Deepa Kaul lives in Ghaziabad and keeps visiting Lucknow. Sheila Kaul was Indira Gandhi’s maternal uncle’s wife and her husband -Kailashnath Kaul – has been the founder of the ‘National Botanical Research Institute’ at Lucknow, while he is considered as one of the fathers of the Green Revolution. Sheela and Kailash Kaul have three children – Deepa Kaul, Vikram Kaul and Gautam Kaul. So, the owner of this bungalow in Lucknow is Deepa Kaul. But sources reveal that when Priyanka was staying in this bungalow in Lucknow during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, she took permission from Deepa’s son Ashish, who lives in Mumbai, however, Deepa, probably was not even aware of this.

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