If only politics was a game of football

May 23 2016

There is a Delhi bureau chief of a prominent London newspaper who got lucky and met Rahul Gandhi a few days ago. The first impression he got of Rahul was that he was a calm person with a good demeanor, who spoke to a political correspondent in a candid manner about everything except politics. For instance, how a little-known club like Leicester manage to defeat a club like Manchester 11. Rahul knew every little detail about these football clubs. He even mentioned that during his education in London, he was a big fan of these clubs. Rahul also gave his frank opinion and views about football in India, the clubs, and the politics involved. When it came to discussing politics, this foreign correspondent wanted to know what roadmap Rahul had in mind for the party whose graph had fallen dismally in the past few years and it has been limited to just a few states. How did he hope to revive the party, and how optimistic he was about the Congress’ protests in the Parliament and on the streets? Rahul got restless at these questions, and said, “This is enough for today. We will talk more later.”

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