How will the Modi government be?

April 22 2014

The country’s verdict may still be four weeks away, but preparations are already on to colour the Nizam of Delhi in a saffron hue. A core team of Modi’s is already at work making a list of all those things that will have to be on Modi’s agenda as soon as he becomes the prime minister. His intention is to portray India as a changed country without wasting any time. Topmost on his agenda will be to put a stop on the rampant corruption and thus, Modi will take special care while forming his Cabinet and include only those people who have a clean image. The Cabinet will also be designed on the Gujarat model, which means it will be comparatively smaller. Modi might keep the defence ministry with himself and the finance ministry may be claimed by either Arun Jaitley or Arun Shourie. Rajnath Singh might get home ministry or human resource development ministry, Gadkari might get urban development and Ravi Shankar Prasad may get law. Apart from this, Maneka Gandhi and Uma Bharti may get important portfolios, too and Sushma Swaraj may be made the Lok Sabha Speaker. There will be an attempt to include as many Muslim politicians in the Cabinet as possible. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Hussain and M J Akbar will also stake a claim to a ministry.

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