How to control the arbitrariness of private hospitals

July 12 2020

The rate at which corona cases are increasing in Delhi, a tussle has been witnessed for beds for the patients. The Delhi government had information that those private hospitals authorized to treat Corona, are undertaking their money-making venture with it. They are shifting more and more patients to their private wards and when asked by the government, they give an incorrect number of beds, while also making a mistake in stating the number of ventilators. When the matter was reported to the Delhi government, the government found a unique way to deal with this situation. In 114 such private hospitals, the Delhi government has put its people at the rate of 2 nursing staff per hospital and they were named as the Liaison Officer. The task of these liaison officers was to find out the ground reality of these private hospitals, so that they know the exact number of empty beds, and how many ventilators are available. They were also to find the amount charged from patients from the time they are admitted till their discharge and to see whether or not they are in line with the Supreme Court’s directions. On Wednesday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia spoke to all their Liaison Officers through the Zoom App and heard about their issues.

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