How Pravesh Verma was ousted

April 21 2016

Is Delhi getting beyond reach for the BJP? Sources say party President Amit Shah had his favourite agency conduct a public opinion survey in Delhi, and the results were shocking. BJP’s pet Vaishya voters are also turning their faces away from the BJP. The trader segment of Delhi feels the saffron party’s policies at the Centre are anti-business. In the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, 79 per cent of Delhi’s business community had voted for the BJP. If the elections took place today, 70 per cent of them might vote for AAP, because according to them, Kejriwal understands better the pains and challenges of the business community. In the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, the BJP got 90 per cent Jat support, but today this percentage is miniscule. Maybe that is the reason that despite all efforts, Pravesh Verma could not become the BJP president in the state. Clearly, his own caste voters have stopped supporting the BJP.

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