How did the SP get lucky?

September 21 2014

Mulayam and Akhilesh are rejuvenated in their confidence after the UP by-elections when the party won eight of the 11 seats. Their darbar is now attracting more and more people. The Yadav family believes that when the party lost the elections despite the Mulayam during the 2012 Assembly elections. But getting those seats from the BJP in two-and-a-half years is no small feat. The number of voters for the by-elections was about half of those who voted in the Lok Sabha elections and the SP was able to get votes of its usual supporters, that is, Yadavs, Muslims and those from backward castes. At the same time, he had put no less than 10 ministers each on duty of every constituency and the same went for Pradhans. The ministers made no compromises on the money spent, and those who were disillusioned with the BJP votes for them.

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