Hosabale missed the bus

October 21 2014

Efforts have begun to give a new definition to BJP and Sangh’s relationship. Krishna Gopal too has devised a strategy to give the equation between the two a new start and this strategy surely includes Mohan Bhagwat’s overreaching ambition. It is worth mentioning that until now, Suresh Soni was single-handedly responsible for a tandem between the two organisations. But he had so many fans in the BJP that he appeared to be advocating the BJP’s point of view more than the Sangh’s. Bhagwat used to be upset with Soni about this. When Suresh Soni realised it is becoming tough for him to stay in post, he advocated Dattatreya Hosabale to take his position but Hosabale is eyeing some long-term goals and he has a long list of those who like him in the BJP as well. It is believed that Modi was not in favour of having Ananth Kumar in his Cabinet, but had to agree to it on cajoling by Dattatreya. The condition was that he will work on trying to convince the top brass in the Sangh Parivar for Amit Shah to be appointed as the BJP party president. That is because it is believed that the Sangh Sar Sanchalak Mohan Bhagwat himself was of the opinion that the prime minister and the party president should not be from the same state but gave in after pressure from Dattatreya and Soni. So, when Soni put forward Dattatreya’s name, Bhagwat made use of his veto power and put his weight behind Krishna Gopal’s name. Bhagwat believes in no uncertain terms that Sangh is not a subsidiary organisation of the BJP and thus the reins of control in the Sangh should be in the hands of those who can direct BJP leaders. Krishna Gopal is more diplomatic than Soni and has good relations with both Bhagwat and Modi.

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