Home minister’s political workouts

September 20 2015

Nowadays, senior and junior home ministers seem to have all the time on their hands. Haribhai, who is from Gujarat, seems to have special blessings of the PM. As a result, he does have some work to do. Northeast, Ladakh and Tibet are PMO’s priorities. Thus, the PMO is dealing with these places on its own through the National Security Advisor. As a result, Rajnathji has time to spare and he keeps visiting UP, especially Lucknow, very often. He also seems to be taking interest in the organisation’s work. Central Minister of Home Affairs of India Kiran Rijuju may be from the northeast, but his take on the matters in the region are hardly given any importance. As a result, Rijuju can be seen hitting the gym at New Delhi’s Ashok Hotel even at 1 pm in the afternoon. At the very least, a healthy lifestyle is benefitting from matters concerning political health.

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