Priyanka Gandhi in trouble!

March 19 2022

After the election results of UP came out, Priyanka Gandhi held a review meeting with the Congress leaders of the state. Even before the meeting, Priyanka got indications that in this meeting many leaders may point fingers at her for the defeat of Congress in UP, they may also raise the question that Congress money has been misused in this election. The narrative of ‘Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’ has reached the public in a wrong way etc-etc. So, realizing the gravity of the situation, many prominent leaders of the state were called from Priyanka’s office and Priyanka herself spoke to those leaders and presented her clarification. After this, when the meeting started, senior UP Congress leader Pramod Tiwari started his speech by praising Priyanka and said, “You fought very well. Congress’s voice has been raised in the entire state.” The majority of the leaders were not agreeing with Tiwari’s opinion, saying that ‘what could be worse for the Congress than this? The party’s vote share fell from 6 to 2.23 per cent in UP, the seats have come down to 2.’ For Priyanka too, the situation was getting uncomfortable in the meeting, but somehow she managed the matter.

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