Azad had already intimate plans after meeting Sonia

September 04 2022

Nearly two weeks before saying goodbye to Congress, Ghulam Nabi had met Sonia Gandhi and while expressing his anguish in front of her, he had also disclosed his future strategy. According to Ghulam Nabi- ‘The acceptance of Rahul Gandhi is less in the country and even less among the workers. I have turned 74 years old, I do not wish for anything else. Gulab Nabi, while sharing his pain with Sonia, further said that he has worked with Indira Gandhi and Rahul is of his son’s age.

“The last time I met him along with Anand Sharma and Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Rahul said to his assistant – ‘Get Ghulam Nabi a cup of tea’ Madam, we are people of old culture, we are not used to hearing that. You also address me as Azad Saheb,” he said.

When Priyanka Gandhi was mentioned in the talk, Azad openly expressed his opinion in front of Sonia and said, “I do not say that there will be any magic due to Priyanka’s, but yes she may prove to be a trump card for the Congress. Priyanka is tactful and whoever goes to her with his problem, is satisfied after meeting her.”

A reliable source said that after listening to Gulab Nabi, Sonia said- “Rahul is turning fifty and he has given his entire ‘youth’ to the party, he is working hard day and night. Removing him at this time may put a ‘Nakara’ tag on him forever, I will not allow this to happen.”

It is said that on hearing this, Ghulam Nabi bid farewell to Sonia saying- “Madam, you are thinking only for your son, not for the country and the party.”

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