Will the noose tighten around Sisodia?

March 15 2023

In the coming days, the investigating agencies may tighten the noose around former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia. Sources say that the investigating agencies have found some strong evidence against Sisodia in the espionage case. The CBI has started preparing its latest charge sheet regarding this. In favor of Manish Sisodia, the way ‘I love you Manish Sisodia’ campaign is being sponsored among the children of government schools in Delhi, parties like BJP and Congress have attacked AAP, and said that ‘ The AAP government is playing with the feelings of innocent school children.’ CBI sources also claim that ‘Sisodia’s men are threatening the witnesses and showing them fear of the Punjab Police.’ Some leaders are also raising questions that ‘why the mastermind of the liquor scam and the manager of the party fund has been spared as this AAP leader is one who may have the most information about the matter’.

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