Sangh is angry with BJP

September 24 2022

In the recently concluded Raipur session of the RSS, in which BJP President JP Nadda and Organization General Secretary BL Santosh had specially come to Raipur to attend, there was a rift in relations between the Sangh and the BJP. The Sangh believes that in the last few years, the BJP has achieved the desired political expansion, but in comparison, the Sangh has not been able to give the desired expansion to its organization. The Sangh is also said to be angry with the BJP that the Sangh was not involved in the process of changing the CM of Karnataka, where today the BJP has expanded due to the efforts of the Sangh. The opinion of the Sangh was not taken in the manner in which the BJP in-charges were changed before the coordination meeting of the Sangh at Raipur. Sources reveal that Modi and Shah want to extend the tenure of BJP’s current national president JP Nadda till 2024, while the Sangh is projecting Union Minister Nitin Gadkari as the new BJP president.

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