Venugopal’s Hindi letter

July 11 2023

Recently, a purported letter from Congress’ ‘powerful’ General Secretary KC Venugopal reached UP State Congress President Brijlal Khabri in Hindi, in which Venugopal is talking about canceling the appointments of executive district presidents of Jhansi and Jaunpur. But Khabri had a doubt about this letter from the beginning, so he did not take any action on the recommendations of this letter of Venugopal. Usually whenever any letter is sent from Venugopal’s side, it is in English. It is said that Venugopal does not know Hindi and in such a situation, it is told that the other ie Khabri does not know English properly, so how can a communication bridge be established between the two? This is the biggest question. Anyway, after sending a letter, Venugopal’s office also calls up the concerned person, but Khabri did not receive any call this time. Khabri kept thinking that this letter sent to him was forged, so the posts of the working presidents of Hansi and Jaunpur are still intact.

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