Where do Azam Khan’s loyalties lie?

June 19 2022

The nature of politics is such that even real loyalty is seen shamelessly in the throes of moral bankruptcy. There was a discussion that the BJP is going to field Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in ​​the Rampur by-election, but suddenly an unexpected name of Ghanshyam Lodhi was announced whom the people of Rampur believe to be the man of Azam Khan. Lodhi, who has been a two-time SP MLC, Azam Khan’s grace, is also popularly believed to be the head of Azam’s ‘Hindu army’. He also had the status of ‘Hanuman’ of Azam. Sources reveal that earlier, when Azam met Akhilesh Yadav in a closed room, something else was going on in Azam’s mind and heart. This meeting lasted for about two hours and when Akhilesh came out of the room after this meeting, he signaled to his close ones that Azam would field his wife Tanzeem Fatima. But as soon as this news started taking shape in saffron party, some people came in contact with Azam, and after that his tone changed. Talking to Akhilesh, Azam suggested the name of one of his close aide Asim Raza, saying that his accomplice Hayat didn’t want to contest from Rampur. So whether Lodhi wins or Raza wins in Rampur, only Azam will get the pleasure of winning. And in these changed circumstances, even if the ED makes new cases against Azam, Azam’s ‘saffron hopes’ have already been declared.

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