Not easy to remove Yogi

June 06 2021

The problems of the BJP are getting tougher for the next year’s assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Recently, the BJP leadership had sent its national Organization General Secretary BL Santosh to Lucknow for three days with the request that he finds some middle way. Santosh called both the Deputy Chief Ministers of UP, 16 angry ministers, several party MLAs, apart from the Sangh’s kshetra and prant pracharaks, and met them one by one and took their feedback. It was a common complaint of ministers that ‘the Chief Minister does not give freedom to work, even his officers do not listen to them.’ After this, BL Santosh met with CM Yogi in a closed room for two and a half hours and after this meeting ended, he told the reporters present that ‘Yogi Ji has done a great job of covid management.’ After reaching Delhi and giving complete details to the top leadership, Santosh also gave the message of the Sangh that even Kalyan Singh was removed but after that, the BJP could not play any role in Uttar Pradesh for twenty years and the party will make the same mistake by removing Yogi.

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