How did Azad come closer to Modi?

September 04 2022

Jairam Ramesh says that the DNA of GNA (Ghulam Nabi Azad) has become ‘Modimay’. If sources are to be believed, when Ghulam Nabi was in the Rajya Sabha and the Leader of the Opposition, he had a deep connection with Arun Jaitley, behind this was the ‘Jammu connection’ of Jaitley’s wife Dolly. It was Jaitley who got Azad to meet Modi directly, that meeting turned into friendship. Modi occasionally invited Azad to meet him, and an intimacy grew between them. This is the reason that when Ghulam Nabi was retiring from the Rajya Sabha, Modi had said in his farewell speech –“We will not let you sit empty.”

In fact, Ghulam Nabi is not a leader of the grassroots, he has always been one of the symbols of ‘drying room politics’, but his organizational skills and his cordial relations with opponents have always been his strength. The BJP is giving so much importance to Ghulam Nabi only because of the fact that in the coming time assembly elections are going to happen in Jammu and Kashmir. In the new delimitation, the scope of Jammu has increased and that of Kashmir has decreased. It is the attempt of the BJP that Ghulam Nabi’s new party emerged as a major player in the Jammu and Kashmir elections so that it can simultaneously hit Congress, National Conference and Mehbooba’s PDP and this would benefit the BJP indirectly. Since now, many former and sitting Congress MLAs and MLCs are turning to Ghulam Nabi, this is undoubtedly opening new doors of possibilities for the BJP.

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