Haryana Congress’ infight benefits BJP

June 19 2022

How did Rahul’s close aide Ajay Maken finally get defeated by just half a vote in Haryana’s Rajya Sabha elections? Its script was written at the same time when the top leadership of Congress handed over the entire reins of Haryana to Bhupinder Singh Hooda. If sources are to be believed, Hooda’s opponents, stunned by this, gathered at Kiran Chaudhary’s farm house. Word is that Kuldeep Bishnoi, Kumari Selja and Kiran Chaudhary were also present in this secret meeting. It is said that it was decided in this meeting that Kuldeep Bishnoi would first blow the bugle of protest. This protest will be indirectly supported by Kiran Chaudhary. So, when Kiran Choudhary’s vote was canceled in this time’s Rajya Sabha election, senior Congressmen clenched their fists, because there was no room for error in the vote for Kiran Choudhary, because before now she had successfully voted in six such elections.

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