Why is the media management of Congress a failure?

August 06 2022

The Congress, which is fighting the battle to save its existence, is also well aware about the ‘warrior’ standing in front of it in the political battle of this changing era, what is his skill and why is he able to give the Congress a good beating time and again. The rival warrior has made the media his cherry, which fights half the battle for his side. Ever since Jairam Ramesh took over the charge of media management of Congress, he has been constantly trying to correct the party’s media image, but his own warlords are failing. Sonia Gandhi’s first appearance was to be held in the ED office on Thursday and Congress had pre-determined the outline of the nationwide demonstration. Congress’s communications in-charge Vineet Poonia alerting the media informs Congress Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs will march on foot from Parliament House to Gurdwara Rakabganj to protest against ED’s questioning of Sonia Gandhi. It was also said that this march of MPs would be led by Rahul Gandhi himself. Actually there are many gates in the Parliament House, the Rakabganj Gurudwara road can be reached from inside the Parliament itself. Then Poonia told reporters that this march reach at gate number four. The entire media and TV cameras were ready at all gate number four and suddenly the media personnel got the news that the march was leaving from gate number one. When all the media people ran to gate number one, they saw that Rahul Gandhi is absent from that march. Rahul went straight to 10 Janpath in his car, from where he reached the ED office in a separate car while Sonia and Priyanka left for the ED office together in the same car. The visual media kept waiting but they could not capture those happy moments in their cameras. Therefore, now questions are being asked in not just Congress circles but even in the media if this is the failure of the media management of the Congress?

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