Swami met Didi’s Thakur

September 04 2022

Recently, when Subramanian Swamy reached Kolkata with the desire of Rajya Sabha in his mind, he had a long meeting with Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee there. This meeting lasted for an hour. If sources are to be believed, Didi told Swamy that if he joins his party, the party will give him full respect in return. However, Mamta did not say anything directly about sending Swamy to Rajya Sabha. After this, Mamta showed Swami her personal temple and got her Thakur ji’s darshan. Mamta, while expressing her pain in front of Swami, said – “People think that I am an atheist, but my Thakur ji is my world.”

Happy with Mamta’s hospitality, Swamy has returned to Delhi. He has also praised Mamta by tweeting, but he is still not able to decide whether to join TMC or not, because next year, Mamta is going to get 3 Rajya Sabha seats.

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