Will Sushmita also follow Luizinho Faleiro’s path?

September 24 2022

Sushmita Dev, who hails from a big political family of Assam, who left Congress and joined Trinamool Congress, has also made up her mind to leave TMC. In fact, Sushmita is worried about her political future. When she left the Congress, she used to be an important member of Rahul Gandhi’s core team. Sushmita hoped that Mamata would at least send her to the Rajya Sabha. But this did not happen and Sushmita’s hopes were shattered. Sushmita is also well aware that winning the Lok Sabha elections in Assam on a TMC ticket is nothing less than miracle. So, she has already started exploring the new door of possibilities. Such is the situation now that when TMC’s core group meeting was going on in Guwahati and instead of Sushmita attending that meeting, Sushmita went to meet Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Didi scolded Sushmita to which Sushmita replied naively and said, “I had gone to talk to the CM that why so many atrocities are being committed against the people of our party in the state?” Didi could not say anything further!

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