Is Arora not getting support?

May 06 2023

After all, why is Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora not getting support? Arora himself has told his ‘heart’ to the Ministry of Home Affairs. that , apparently, he is not getting cooperation from Delhi Police and officials consider him like an outsider. Sanjay is a 1988 batch IPS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre. According to sources, Sanjay Arora has a desire to join CBI. Actually CBI Director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal’s 2 years tenure is being completed and in the coming days the posts of chiefs of many para military forces are also getting vacant. In such a situation, there is a strong possibility of Sanjay Arora getting any of these posts. Sanjay Arora was brought on deputation in UT cadre and now Arora wants to get original cadre Tamil Nadu only because Tamil Nadu CM has sent some names to Home Ministry for DG and Sanjay Arora’s name is also being mentioned in these names. But on the other hand, an important meeting of G-20 countries is proposed in Delhi in September. Sanjay Arora was involved in every preparation meeting related to the security of the meeting. In such a situation, before the G-20 conference, the Home Ministry is in a dilemma regarding Arora’s transfer.

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