Will Priyanka replace Patel?

May 22 2021

Since the first wave of Corona has snatched a troubleshooter like Ahmed Patel from the Congress, ever since then it has been constantly speculated as to who will replace Ahmed Patel, whether Digvijay Singh or any special loyalist of Gandhi family. But now the fog has begun to fade. Priyanka Gandhi’s recent political management has started to talk about whether Priyanka can prove to be a major communication link with her mother Sonia or brother Rahul. Even this time when Priyanka had to write the script to postpone the election of the Congress President in the CWC meeting, it was Priyanka herself who spoke to senior and disgruntled Congress leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anand Sharma before the meeting. So, as soon as Ashok Gehlot proposed in this regard, Azad and Anand Sharma agreed that it was not the right time for elections. Priyanka may be in charge of UP, but now she will probably handle UP only on her social media. Anyway in UP she has installed her special Sandeep Singh, who is ruling there by keeping Priyanka’s standing. Sandeep had made Lallu Singh the head of UP Congress, but today Sandeep and Lallu are so much at loggerheads that their conversation is also closed. Congress workers also blame Rahul for losing Amethi, who sent Kishori Lal to Rae Bareli after seeing Amethi for a long time in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and took charge of Amethi himself. Well, now it seems Priyanka is focusing more on national politics than UP. If sources are believed that Rahul-Priyanka loyalist Kanishka Singh may be the new treasurer of the Congress instead of Pawan Bansal. Kanishka is a long time partner of Motilal Vora and he is well aware of all the trusts of the Congress. This major reshuffle can be seen in the Congress organization in the coming days.

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