Will Akhilesh give Rajya Sabha berth to Jayant?

March 19 2022

The queue of those seeking Rajya Sabha from Akhilesh Yadav gets longer. Jayant Chaudhary’s name has also been added to this list. On the one hand, the BJP continues to woo Jayant and wants him to join the BJP so that the party’s path can be eased in western Uttar Pradesh in 2024. This time Jayant’s party RLD has won 8 seats. Usually 38 votes are required for a Rajya Sabha seat, that is why Jayant is now looking towards Akhilesh for 30 votes. But Akhilesh’s dilemma is that there is a long queue of people seeking Rajya Sabha seat from him. Like Krishna Patel of Apna Dal Kameravadi is also asking for Rajya Sabha from him. Akhilesh has also made up his mind that ‘he will not give Rajya Sabha to any Yadav or Muslim on behalf of SP’. In fact, Akhilesh wants to send a message to the backward caste voters of the state before the election of 2024 that SP is not only a party of Yadavs and Muslims. On the other hand, Sanjay Singh Chauhan of the Janwadi Party Socialist has his eyes fixed on the Rajya Sabha. One pomegranate and a hundred sick. What does Akhilesh do in such condition?

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