What do the by-election results say?

November 28 2021

The results of the recent by-elections in the country clearly show that voters no longer have any faith in the fractured mandate. The parties which do not have winning prospects or act just to cut votes were shown the door. In Bihar, the same thing happened with Congress and Chirag Paswan’s party, whose candidates got their security forfeited. The results of the by-polls also showed that the vote share of the BJP has fallen sharply. In Madhya Pradesh, due to rebels, Shivraj Singh has saved the party from embarrassment but the vote share of the saffron party has fallen by 7 per cent there. The vote share of the Congress may have increased by 4.5 per cent but the party could not convert it into seats. BJP’s vote share in West Bengal has also come down from 40.71 percent in 2019 Lok Sabha elections to 38.09 percent in 2021 elections. TMC’s vote share has increased from 43.3 percent in 2019 Lok Sabha elections to 47.97 percent. In the by-election, TMC got a record 75 percent votes, while BJP slipped to 14.50 percent. If the same trend of vote percentage continues, Mamta Banerjee may set the aims to win all 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal in 2024 elections.

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