Naveen demands 15K crore from the central govt

June 19 2022

Naveen Patnaik has learned the finer tricks of politics from his father Biju Patnaik. Recently, when Naveen Patnaik got a message from the central BJP government that he has to support the NDA candidate in the presidential election, along with saying yes, Naveen also brought forward his old demand in which the Odisha government was to get Rs 10,333 crore from the central government under the head of ‘food subsidy’. This payment is pending for a long time, so the Odisha government has also added an additional interest of Rs 5454.67 crore on it. Odisha’s Naveen Patnaik government says that ‘since the central government has taken so long in payment, due to this they have to bear the burden of additional interest of several crores. The BJP strategists wanted Naveen to come to Delhi once and meet PM Modi, but Naveen is leaving on 28 June on a foreign trip to UAE and Italy. He is also scheduled to meet the Pope this time in Vatican City. Naveen is traveling to these countries to attract foreign investment to Odisha, he has to meet NRI Odia people settled in Dubai, after which he will leave for Italy.

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