…And finally

June 06 2021

These days the stars of BJP’s National Organization General Secretary BL Santosh are on the seventh sky. For BJP, he remains the same jack of all trades. Ever since Dattatreya Hosabole has become the new Sarkaryawah of the Sangh, it has resulted in a lottery for Santosh, because he is not only the same caste Brahmin as Hosabole, but he also comes from the same village in Karnataka, which is also Hosabole’s own ancestral village. The friendship of these two is also very old. It is said that BL Santosh has a heartfelt wish that one day he should also become the Chief Minister of Karnataka, perhaps this is the reason why he does not like BS Yeddyurappa. Since the time Santosh has gained strength in BJP, the discontent of ministers and MLAs against Yeddyurappa is making new developments every day, but it will be interesting to see if Santosh’s stars take him to the CM’s chair now?

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