‘One nation, one election’ speculation intensifies

March 19 2022

This old idea of ‘One Nation, One Election’ of PM Modi has started making waves again after the bumper victory of BJP in four states. Modi has been saying in the past that ‘Parliamentary elections and assembly elections of all states should be held simultaneously, this will save a lot of money for the country.’ PM Modi came up with this idea about four years ago. More than Rs 60,000 crores were spent on the 2019 Lok Sabha elections alone. It is said that the Election Commission of India also agrees with this opinion of the PM, but to do so, a consensus will need to be created among other political parties. Moreover, to do so amendment in Articles 83, 85, 172 and 174 of the Constitution will also be required. So will the elections to the 5 states that have just concluded be held again in 2024?

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