Why are farmers still not agreeing?

November 28 2021

Sources reveal that the message to the nation on Friday was written weeks ago when Captain Amarinder Singh had come to meet the PM and Amit Shah. The captain’s only request to the PM and Shah was that ‘it is imperative to repeal all three agricultural laws, only then they can go among the voters of Punjab with revered saffron beliefs. That happened, but even after the PM’s announcement, the farmers are still not agreeable, they are waiting for these laws to be repealed in the Parliament, while they are still adamant on their old demand for statutory guarantee on MSP. But so much distrust on the words of the PM is not right, it is a step to challenge the dignity of the high constitutional post of the country. The question is also a serious one as to what will happen to the PM’s associate minister Ajay Mishra Teni whose dismissal is demanded by the farmers. The farmers are still adamant on their old demands and in a little bit of exuberant enthusiasm, they are aware somewhere that their steely intentions and indomitable spirit has rewarded them. But even for the BJP government, this delayed bet of PM Modi is not going to be easy. When the bill to repeal the three agricultural laws is brought in the house, the opposition parties will create a lot of hue and cry over it, they will also raise the issue of the martyrdom of more than 700 agitators for which this movement had to pay a price. Is the bill of the three agricultural laws also going to have the same fate as the Modi government’s ‘amended land acquisition’ bill in 2014, which one day in 2015, it was suddenly announced by the PM in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that the government will take it back. But will today in a changed scenario, millions of broken hearts and shattered beliefs can be taken back, including the pain of losing their loved ones.

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