Laut ke Shourie Dilli aaye

April 20 2014

Sensing the change of guard in Delhi, Arun Shourie has again shifted base from Pune to Delhi. It is worth mentioning that about four-five years ago, Shourie had shifted to Pune’s Lavasa City. His lunch with Narendra Modi had also grabbed headlines when Modi had visited him in his Lavasa City residence for some important discussions. Arun Shourie was upset with the BJP about a few things and in his position as BJP President, Nitin Gadkari had made many efforts and had, to an extent, succeeded in pacifying Shourie to a significant extent. So this much is clear that if this election results mean there is a BJP-led government at the Centre, Arun Shourie may get a prominent place in it. He might be seen as the country’s next finance minister.

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