Dadda, Lalla ho gaye Mulla

April 26 2014

The minority pacifying policy of Mulayam and Company is now beginning to annoy even the Yadav’s bastion. They feel that Mulayam’s entire focus has shifted from Yadavs to Muslims. In the past few days, in places considered to be the Yadav strongholds such as Mainpuri, Etawah, Kannauj and Farrukhabad, an SMS has gone viral, which says, “Yadavon ne vote diya Dadda(Mulayam) ko, Dadda ne diya Lalla (Akhilesh) ko, and Lalla ne chun liya Mulla ko – batao kya mila Yadav ko ?(The yadavs voted for Mulayam, who picked Akhilesh, who picked Muslims…What did the Yadav’s get?)” The third phase of elections in UP that concluded on Thursday and saw 12 constituencies in the state went for vote, will make or break the future of Yadav family and several politicians in the party. That is because Mulayam Singh Yadav himself is from Mainpuri, his daughter-in-law, that is Akhilesh’s wife Dimple is contesting from Kannauj, and Prof Ramgopal Yadav’s son Akshay is beginning his political innings from Firozabad. This Yadav trio is deep inside terrified that their own community being upset with them might harm them.

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