जरदारी क्यों गए दुबई?

December 11 2011

यह जरदारी को बचाने की अमरीकी कवायद का महत्त्वपूर्ण हिस्सा है कि पहले उन्हें दुबई और फिर उन्हें वहां से लंदन भेजा जाएगा। अमेरिकी खुफिया एजेंसियों को पुख्ता जानकारी थी कि जरदारी को आईएसआई से जान का खतरा है। वैसे भी अमेरिका की नीति पाक राष्ट्रपति को लंदन और पाक प्रधानमंत्री को सऊदी अरब में पुनर्वासित करने की है। और जरदारी मामले में भी अमेरिका ने यह साबित कर दिया है कि अपने खैरख्वाहों को लेकर कितना फिक्रमंद है वह।

  1. Saraswati Says:

    anything so far – though they are icineasnrgly become powerful at the center. 4. State Govt. – if the home minister of the state govt. says it is a “small incident” and “it happens in a city like Mumbai”, definitely the state govt. is least bothered so far. I do not if the home minister has resigned now based on the comment! 4. Main Opposition party at center less said the better. No where in the world a cabinet rank minister flies to exchange terrorists and move with them on the same plane. Now the same man is the head of LeT as you indicated in your last post. 5. So, finally the balls fall on the court of our NSA the National Security Advisor, who is the eye and ear of the government on security matter. Unfortunately, he has been a sympathizer of LTTE, an outfit which has been known as a terrorist one by the US and UK and many more. I guess the call came very much from there. Saddest part even a kid can see that it is wrong to start off like this (either way India is failing by calling up the ISI chief), but nothing can be done! Only good news is it seems sanity has prevailed and our leaders now think it is bad politics to call the ISI chief in election time (if the latest news is to be believed)!

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