Hazare and thousands challenges

March 02 2014

As the elderly Gandhian, Anna Hazare, changes his tune, Aam Aadmi Party turns to Gandhigiri. Close on the heels of Anna praising Mamata Banerjee and agreeing to campaign for her in Lok Sabha polls, Arvind Kejriwal felt tossed away and rushed on a hunt for Gandhians. Without wasting any time, he banked on Rajmohan Gandhi, thus Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson was his answer to Anna’s Banerjee. Rajmohan, notably, has been known for trying his hands at every side of politics. In haste, AAP announced that Rajmohan Gandhi will contest polls from Delhi. And why not, to counter the elderly Gandhian, AAP’s Gandhi will be more available for the media in Delhi.

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