Hamid is dear to Rahul

July 25 2012

In one aspect, Hamid’s track record is truly unique – he is liked by the Left that opposed capitalists, and is considered to be close to one of the India’s most famous capitalists – Mukesh Ambani. Actually, both of them go back a long way. When he retired as the Indian ambassador is Saudi Arabia, sources reveal that Reliance gave him a responsible work – that of keeping an eye on crude oil being exported. This crude oil used to be exported for Reliance’s refinery. And Mr Ansari was working for Observer Research Foundation that Reliance is attached with. When he became India’s vice-president with the grace of the Left, he became one of those close to Rahul Gandhi. Rahul is extremely fond of him and wanted him to take over Raisina Hills. Maybe that is the reason when Sonia handed over a list to Mamata Banerjee, it had the name of Hamid Ansari above that of Pranab Mukherjee.

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