Halting AAP Mutiny

May 14 2017

Sources reveal that the ‘screenplay’ of Kapil Mishra’s political misadventure had been scripted some weeks ago. It is well known that Kumar Vishwas has been peeved with the AAP leadership for some time. He apparently feels, or says by way of his excuse, that AAP had veered off from its original principles. Gradually, the disenchanted among the party’s MLAs started queuing behind Vishwas. To the extent that half a dozen of them reportedly signed a memorandum in his favour. The ire of top leaders like Somnath Bharati, Kapil Mishra, Rajesh Rishi, Adarsh Shastri and Alka Lamba had actually spilled out in the open. Getting wind of this, Kejriwal said he wanted to meet all these grumbling lot. But then, he was told that Shastri has gone holidaying to Ranikhet; Bharti has taken to the former ‘summer capital’ Shimla; and Alka Lamba was still in town, but she posed as if God was in his heaven and everything was right with AAP’s world. Thus did some timely damage control by Kejriwal stem the possible mutiny in the party.

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