Government listening to ‘Pappu’

April 21 2021

The BJP and the Modi government never lag behind in calling Congress leader Rahul Gandhi a ‘Pappu’. But the government quickly accepts the demand that Rahul makes. When Corona speed increased Rahul had said – ‘Enforce lockdown’. so it happened. When Rahul said – “International flights coming to India should be banned.” Ban was imposed. In view of the shortage of Corona vaccine across the country, Rahul Gandhi demanded from the government that ‘the process of giving approval to foreign vaccine should be expedited’, on this, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted to Rahul on 9 April, saying, “Does Rahul Gandhi want to become a full-time lobbyist after a failed part time politicians?” But ironically, last Wednesday, the Modi government took an important decision that many foreign-made Covid vaccines will be given emergency approval. After this, Prasad continued to be trolled on social media.

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