Good cop, bad cop

April 21 2016

The Amit Shah-Narendra Modi team is ready to repeat the Atal-Advani era. Nowadays, Modi is trying to become a liked-by-all person, while Amit Shah is playing the tune of overt Hinduism. Similarly, despite protests, the reins of Karnataka BJP were handed over to noted Lingayat leader B S Yedurappa. Yeddurappa is a tilak-adorning leader and is among those who advocate overt Hinduism. In UP, the Sangh is pushing for the name of Swatantra Dev Singh, but his name was not agreeable to UP’s heavyweight leader Rajnath Singh. So, BJP Parliamentarian from Phulpur, who is also a member of the aggressive Bajrang Dal, got lucky. He has also sold tea like Modi, and is now ready to bake his bread in the heat of aggressive Hindutva.

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