Goa’s big guy

June 10 2013

The BJP may have been left with a bad taste in its mouth with the goings-on in Goa, but come Sunday and the party members got the trump card in the form of NaMo. It is also not a secret anymore that Advani camp can’t stand the sudden rise of Modi’s fame; Advani was down thus with an upset stomach and could not go to Goa. Those supporters of Advani who did manage to go to Goa to handle the matter were “late”. With his smart management skills, Modi has turned the tide in his favour. So the issue no longer is whether Modi will be given the task of managing the Prachar Committee or if he will be launched as the BJP’s face for the coming Lok Sabha elections. At the party’s working committee meeting, it was decided that the party will not be able to contest the coming Lok Sabha elections without Modi. Thus, in the coming days, several warriors of the Advani camp may change sides in the days to come.

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