Get Priyanka, save the Congress

December 08 2013

The Central Hall was abuzz with talks that instead of dissolving the Lok Sabha this time, the Congress should hand over the reins of the UPA government to Rahul Gandhi from Manmohan Singh and go into  the coming General elections. It is being said that this will make the people believe in some sort of change that will happen, and the anti-incumbency factor may soften in relation to the Congress. Most Congress people believe that even if the Congress faces a defeat under Rahul’s leadership, it won’t matter too much. After the elections, Rahul Gandhi can be formally handed over the responsibility of the Congress from an ailing Sonia Gandhi and be made the new party president. Otherwise the buzz in the background will increase in volume, with says, “Priyanka lao, Congress bachao” (Get Priyanka, save the Congress).


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