Gadkari’s love for Qureshis

January 03 2015

Nitin Gadkari, the apple of Sangh head Mohan Bhagwat’s eyes and the loved one of the business industry, is openly talking in support of pink meat business people. A few months ago, Gadkari openly spoke at the meeting of All India Jamaitul Quresh (AIJQ) and said, “I have signed the files approving the demands of the community and I will support them in their business wherever needed.” This able minister of the Modi government, also assured the business people of the meat industry that in order to prevent animal rights activists from disturbing the transfer and killing of animals in abattoirs, he is also ready to make changes in the transport laws. Gadkari also paid stress to the appointment of a mobile magistrate to speedily take care of the matter. It is with mentioning that Gadkari gets along well with the head of Qureshi forum Sirajuddin Qureshi. Sirajuddin Qureshi is also the director of India Islamic Centre at New Delhi’s Lodhi Road and he knows how to keep the political lords happy. On the other hand, several animal rights organisations have told the transport minister to have special cages made for animals as they are being taken to slaughter houses so that no harm comes to them on the way. Usually, these animals are lugged on to the trucks mercilessly, and several would get wounded on the way, many died, and their meats were still sold. On the other hand, all slaughter houses in London have a doctor appointed by the government, and the meat of the animals is considered fit for consumption only after the doctor considers it healthy. Otherwise, animals are put in the “down animal” category. But all this happens without any scruples in India, and you can call it the trend of down moral.

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