Gadkari won despite the loss

May 28 2012

Upfront, the Mumbai matter may be looked upon as a win for Modi and loss for Gadkari, but the truth is that Gadkari has won despite the loss and he has emerged as the new baazigar of political moves. Which means that in Modi’s winning lies the loss of several leaders of the party, who have knowingly or unknowingly been on the Sangh’s radar for some time. There are also signs that in his next tenure Gadkari could take some big and important decisions. There is political clarity on the fact that for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi will be the face of the BJP and the party will approach the elections as the candidate for PM. If Nitish is not happy with it, so be it – the party has started to explore new coalition partners. In any case, Modi and Jayalalithaa’s friendship is no secret.

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