Gadkari in a new avatar

November 25 2014

Nitin Gadkari can be seen in a new avatar as a Union minister. It is worth mentioning that when he was a minister in the Sena-BJP government in Maharashtra, he was called Roadkari. The then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee praised him a lot for his work then. Back then, Vajpayee had asked him to work on the Prime Minister’s Road Programme. Nowadays, Gadkari’s sole agenda is to repeat his Maharashtra’s success story. So in his six-day foreign tour, he went to Sweden, the Netherlands, Brussels and Wales in the UK. The aim behind Gadkari’s trip was to find foreign investors for India’s infrastructure sector. In Wales, he met up with top officials on road safety and how to make driving license procedure better and more efficient. Inspired by the Prime Minister’s foreign trips Gadkari kept his tour highly packed, too. The reason for his super-busy schedule was to not only encourage foreign investments in the infrastructure and shipping sectors, but also to look for investments in ports. Among all this activity, he was also seen worrying about how to make his image as the most proactive ministers in the eyes of Modi. This is the reason he met members of the UK India Business Council during his trip to London and the culmination of his trip happened with the dinner that was hosted in his honour by the Indian high commissioner to the European Union.

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