From Shivganga to Kanyakumari

January 19 2014

Chidambaram is on the lookout for a new Lok Sabha seat for himself. He is worried about an impending loss in Shivganga. PC has already met Sonia and Rahul Gandhi with the request to change his LS seat and has said he wants to contest the coming elections from Puducherry. Taking Chidambaram’s request seriously, Rahul spoke to Narayanaswamy who is a Central minister as well as a MP from the union territory and asked him he was willing to change his seat for Chidambaram. Narayanaswamy politely refused the offer so the despondent Chidambaram is looking at further south – Kanyakumari. But his contest there will not be an easy one because this is one seat where the BJP votes are more than 10 per cent. And it is no longer a secret why Chidambaram is the butt of attack for several BJP leaders.

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