Forgive me ‘Prabhu’

February 23 2015

Suresh Prabhu does not seem to meet the expectations that Prime Minister had anticipated from him. Otherwise, the way Prabhu was introduced into cabinet as a minister; the political pointers were loud and clear. He was made a member of BJP in the morning and by evening he was sitting in the Rail Bhavan. But recent incidents indicate that Prabhu is no longer among the Modi’s favorites list nor does PM considers him as priced possession. PMO sources reveal that Modi’s angst against Prabhu is for the reason that he has failed to deliver as Railways minister. It is said that before taking over the Rail ministry he had promised that he will bring FDI worth one lakh crores in Railways. But he has failed in doing so. In fact, Railways has got derailed from the reform track it was on since few years. Now, the news is in the air that Prabhu might get replaced out of Rail ministry after the planned reshuffle post budget.

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