Folly after folly for Rahul

February 01 2014

Rahul Gandhi’s interview of a prominent English news channel has been a flop. Priyanka Gandhi and the company managing Rahul’s image had a big role to play in arranging the interview. Sources reveal that during the entire interview, Priyanka was sitting next to Rahul, although away from the camera’s frame. It is believed that after the interview, Rahul even asked the anchor how he had spoken. So excited was Rahul after the interview that he had decided to give another interview to a Hindi news channel. It is believed that Rahul has also asked Arnab Goswami, who was taking the interview, if the group had a Hindi news channel? After Arnab gave him a negative answer, he asked him to recommend one. Until then Rahul and Priyanka had no idea that the interview will bring about such a storm in the political teacup. After the interview was telecast, Rahul received such a bashing on social media that the media agency has been given a show-cause notice by the party and has asked it, “If the entire move has been so negative for Rahul’s image, perhaps it will be better if the party took back the business from the agency?” The agency is shocked and doesn’t know what to do. It can only put words in Rahul’s mouth but…..

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