Finding new friend?

July 04 2016

MK Stalin of the DMK is very unhappy with the Congress these days. Last week he had come to Delhi and was requested by Ghulam Nabi Azad to come and meet Sonia Gandhi. He expressed his inability to do so and instead met 2 senior cabinet ministers. DMK is upset for 2 reasons: First that the Congress performed very badly in its share of seats that it was allocated winning 9/41. And secondly that with that low winning percentage the alliance lost. But they subsequently won above 50% of all their contested seats. The other reason is that with the Congress is looking increasingly weak, Stalin feels that for the next 2 years he must have a working relationship with the BJP so that it keeps them out of financial scrutiny and also gets some work done in their respective areas. He told Ghulam Nabi that Sonia was welcome to meet Karunanidhi in Chennai for a meal, but right now they could be equidistant from both parties.

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