Father son finds solace in religion

May 03 2015

The famous Mulayam Singh family, which is known for leaning towards the Muslims, has increased its belief in Hindu religious rituals. For the past few days, Mulayam and Akhilesh have opened their doors and hearts for Hindu priests and dharma gurus. There are some poojas or religious proceedings happening every other day. All this started in 2012, when Akhilesh became the chief minister – it was the Panchak time. To cleanse that period, a pooja by 47 priests was organised. After that, an industrialist friend of the Mulayam clan organised a big religious ceremony at his residence in Gomti Nagar. Sources reveal that both Akhilesh and Dimple were present for the last day ceremony, also called the poornaahuti. The pandits who were a part of the pooja got a dakshina of Rs 51,000 each on behalf of the industrialist, Akhilesh and his wife Dimple. The pandits had been asked to keep their mobile phones outside for the pooja. This time when the SP supremo Mulayam Singh suddenly fell ill, a Shravan Yatra was organised with great pomp and show. The venerators were given free trip from Lucknow to Rishikesh-Hardwar and good arrangements were made for their boarding and lodging. Five coaches were reserved especially for these pilgrims and were given a bag each full of eatables and other refreshments. The chief minister himself went to Lucknow railway station to see them off and big advertisements appeared in newspapers about the occasion. As the date for 2017 election approaches, Hindu pandits and dharma gurus are seeing their importance grow in the Mulayam-Akhilesh darbar.

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